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Want To Get Licensed?

Easy! There are a number of available options for you to earn your license.


Here at the WVU Amateur Radio Club we hold an exam session every month. If you can't make one of our sessions, our calendar also shows exam sessions for other local clubs just down the road. We would be more than happy to help you get in contact with them.

There are three different licenses an amateur radio operator can earn. These include Technician, General, and Extra. What do you get for each license? Primarily frequency allocations. Check below to learn more...
  • Element 2: Technician: this is the most basic license, giving you access to primary VHF and UHF bands with some HF band allocations
  • Element 3: General: this license will get you a major gain in band allocations and is what you will want if you to work in the HF bands
  • Element 4: Extra: as the highest amateur radio license you can earn, the extra license gives you access to all bands allocated to amateur radio
Still confused? Head over to this link to find out more about what goes into getting your amateur radio license.

Study Material
After reading through a study guide and/or question pool, its a good idea to take a few practice tests. Practice tests can taken at the following websites:

There are also ham prep apps for both Android and iOS devices: