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Are you interested in joining us? 

Here are some of the perks by becoming a ARC member!
  • Work on our exciting DIY projects centered around radio and engineering or propose your own!
  • Access to free FCC exam materials and free testing sessions to upgrade you HAM license
  • Card access to the club's HAM Shack on the 11th floor of ESB
  • Ability to use club's radio equipment at any point (Subject to FCC license restrictions)
  • Great educational and professional experiences

That sounds awesome. What's the next step? 

There are a few steps to become a full member. 
  1. Fill out the form below and pay club dues of $20 through PayPal
  2. Name
    Email Address (please use a WVU email address)
  3. Fill out the new member form that will be emailed to you once the PayPal transaction has been completed
  4. Sign up for club communications listed below:  
    1. Join our Slack Channel
    2. Join our Email List